Initial Updates

Following feedback, we've made a number of changes to the app you may have noticed, these quality-of-life updates are intended to improve your experience, though you may find an increase in stability as a result.

Please do continue to report any issues you encounter through the feedback on the website, including the area which you encountered the issue, so we are able to work out what went wrong!

It is now possible to choose additional results to add to your route, and you can now see all of the results Wander found matching your filters using the plus icon on the top right of the results screen below, or the plus button at the bottom of your results. This is currently limited to seven results, but based on feedback, we may look into increasing this in the future.

You also have the option to contribute other results to the Wander community by selecting a point on the map and entering a name and details of the place you'd like to add. You can also add private places which you don't make public, but note that these will not persist once you restart the app.

Graphics image credit: Business photo created by jannoon028 -

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