New Features!

A quick update here to share with you some new features that are coming along very soon!

First of all, a very popular visual improvement; instead of showing a placeholder image when an image for a place is unavailable, a map is visible showing the location. This gives you more contextual awareness of where exactly you're going -- and we think it looks a lot nicer!

Secondly, a feature that's certainly been missed, you can now enter a 'navigation mode' which will follow your device's compass and position to easily orient where you're looking. You can also re-orient the map to face north in both the add page, and in the route page, simply by tapping the compass rose.

The final major feature we have to share with you is the capability to easily resume a Wander if you accidentally closed the app during your walk. Tapping 'No' will take you back to the normal home screen you expect, while tapping 'Yes' will immediately resume whatever Wander you had previously planned!

Alongside these improvements, we've also made some stability and performance improvements, so do continue to send us your feedback, which is very welcome!

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