Wander is now available!

Wander is now public on Google Play, the Android app store! Follow this link to view our app store listing and download the app.

Initially, Wander will only be available on Android, and within the US and UK while we perfect and refine the app -- but we're looking at expanding this in the future.

Whilst we understand this will be disappointing for iOS users, the way in which we have developed Wander means that an iOS version is a possibility, and will exactly mirror the Android version. To indicate your interest in an early test version of this, feel free to drop us a message.

Rollout to other countries will be announced at a later date.

We hope you find Wander easy to use -- but if you have any suggestions or improvements, feel free to send us feedback through the feedback section of this website!

Graphics image credit: Business photo created by jannoon028 - www.freepik.com

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